The Prancing Skiltaire
The Original Furry Household Located in Garden Grove.

This page is dedicated to the friends and family wholive in and hang around the house
known as "The Prancing Skiltaire"

So, what's a Skiltaire?

That cute animal with the top-hat and cane, which  looks kind of like an otter, but with antenna. They are sentient aliens, telepathic, bio-electric, weasel-like mammals.

Skiltaire were created by Mark Merlino, sometime  between high school and college, as a different sort of alien race for possible Science Fiction stories.  They are featured in the FRP (Fantasy Role Playing) system called Other Suns.

But that's not important...

The Skiltaire became the mascot or personal logo of Mark and the house where we all live, in Garden Grove, CA, USA.

Some further information/rules for the Stiltaire Party itself
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13412 Gilbert  St
Garden Grove, CA 92844

Prancing Skiltaire